Should You Rent or Buy Housewares and Furniture for Your Extended Stay in Mississippi?

Whether your extended stay in Mississippi is for a few weeks or a few months, one pressing question you will have is whether you should buy or rent everything you need to make your stay comfortable. At first glance, housewares are relatively inexpensive to buy, but is purchasing a new set of everything you already […]

Tips for Summer Interns on Finding Short-Term Furnished Apartment Rentals

You have finished spring semester and now it is time to find a great internship opportunity in the city for your summer break. But, there is just one problem: you do not have a place to stay. Finding a suitable short-term, furnished apartment rental for interns can be a challenge. Interns and companies both face […]

What are Corporate Apartments?

Companies today are expanding their horizons. Many of them have branch offices in other states. Some have clients from all over the country. As a business person working with clients or coordinating offices in different parts of the country, it may be necessary to stay for extended periods at a time on location. While staying […]