Amenities Offered By Corporate Housing Providers

Many businesses are using corporate housing to accommodate their employees or guests when on business trips.  A corporate housing provider offers much more than a luxury hotel or inn could offer. Some of the benefits to these luxury apartments include: Comfortably furnished spaces These apartments come with the furnishings you would traditionally find in your […]

Top 5 Qualities of a Corporate Housing Company

As more people discover the value of corporate housing, this industry continues to grow with the establishment of more such companies. Corporate housing is a temporary housing option that is proving to be very popular with students, transferring employees and medical patients. This option provides them with the amenities they need in a permanent home […]

Reasons to Choose Corporate Housing

There are several ways that a company can access corporate housing for traveling employees. They might establish their own, though this is a costly and fairly inefficient way of handling the needs of traveling executives and staff. They might seek out apartment or real estate management firms that have temporary or short-term leases available, but […]

Why Hire Corporate Housing Experts for a Furnished Corporate Apartment?

The reasons for using a corporate apartment are many. It provides a real work and home space for you to use as your base while you are traveling. It also provides a place to stay at a better rate than a hotel or a regular apartment for mid-length stays in a city. And once you’ve […]