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Need Extended Stay Housing for Your Corporate Training Assignment? Corporate Housing Providers Have the Best Solution

As an independent business coach or a corporate trainer for a large company, you may have to travel to different locations across the country or globe. Besides earning frequent flyer miles, you need to be on top of your game to take information, disseminate it, and then teach it to others. For those times when […]

Maintain a Healthy Routine When You Stay in Furnished Apartments on Business Trips to Biloxi, MS

As busy executives, military personnel, or entrepreneurs who travel frequently, the disruption to your daily routines can wreak havoc on your health. Sleeps patterns are interrupted. The additional stress of being away from home can frustrate your meditation time. Quite frankly, relaxation and health care can be hard while on the road. For those extended […]

How to Stay Fit While Traveling – Useful Advice from Corporate Lodging Experts in Jackson, MS

When you are on the road for business travel, healthy habits can quickly take a back seat to your responsibilities. It is easy for bad habits to take over, much as you try to avoid them. Your routine is interrupted the moment you pull out your suitcase to pack for your next trip. Sometimes it […]

Furnished Apartments Fit the Trends of Today’s Millennial Business Traveler

Corporate executives who travel frequently for business today have an entirely different set of expectations than their predecessors. Traditionally, most corporations would have a travel agency on retainer or a designated travel department to handle the needs of their nomadic employees. Nowadays, technology-driven team members require different options to meet their needs. Tack on the […]